Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To hear from our friends (Wendybox Fox)

In doing some ‘research’ for my blog I came across a really cute website. www.wendybox.com. (Okay, let’s be real here. I was online shopping, but in this case I think it totally qualifies as research.) The clothes they offer were both charming and sexy, mostly because they offer quite a range of different styles. The prices were reasonable (always a plus), but the coolest part was that they had a program where you could earn free clothes. Since I’m doing the blogging thing I signed up to do reviews of their clothing and post them with photos to my blog in order to earn points. The points can then be used to purchase clothes, and they offer enough points for the reviews that you can actually get cool stuff with them. My problem with most of these programs is that the incentive is never really enough to do anything substantial with it. So I’m really stoked about finding this, and I’m going to add it to my blog under Wendybox Fox. The first article of clothing I purchased from Wendybox.com was this jacket. Now, I normally don’t go this cutesy with my clothing, but honestly, I just couldn’t help myself when I saw this. Sometimes I have to let my inner girly girl out. I thought I might have a little buyer’s remorse with this one because I wasn’t sure if I had enough clothes to go with it. To my surprise I was able to pair this jacket with a lot of different items. I dressed it up a bit with a couple of different skirts and a dress. The first skirt I chose was a maroon button over school-girl style that fit the trim colors of the jacket perfectly. It made for a really cute outfit that I could wear to the office or a lunch with the girls. The black skirt with the crème-colored lace trim also worked well. I thought it was classier and a less cutesy look than the maroon skirt and would also be suitable for going into work, a meeting, or any occasion that requires a little dressing up. Using it over the dress was a fabulous idea. The dress by itself is very simple, but when put together with the jacket it became a whole new outfit that was much more polished, yet not overdone. When I wanted to dress down I used jeans; skinny, straight leg, or just slightly flared all work with this style. However, the jeans should be a light wash to keep the look cohesive. I love the jeans with this jacket the best because it created a nice balance between the fanciness of the jacket and the casual look of the jeans. Anytime you can balance two opposite styles and pull it off, you usually have a killer outfit. So all in all I was really pleased with my first experience with Wendybox.com. I’m going to try out the blogging program and try on a few more outfits. I’ll keep you posted with reviews and pictures, so be sure to follow the Wendybox Fox for details and updates.

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